Friday, August 28, 2009

Facebook Comes to the Posting Rescue

Yeah, another questionnaire meme I found on Facebook.

Is music important to you?: Yes
Is reading important to you?: Yes
Do you watch the news daily?: Yes
Do you check the weather daily?: Yes
Are you a nice person?: I like to think so.

Fruit?: Banana
Vegetable?: Brocoli (who woulda thunk it?)
Toolbar?: Google
Icon?: I love Google's G
Bible verse?: none

Have you Ever
feared the future?: I fear there not being a future.
dreaded the past?: No
made homeade soup?: No
bought someone a car?: No
gotten money in the mail you didn't expect?: I wish! No.

Do you
believe in miracles?: No
believe in fate?: Sometimes
use a crock pot?: No
prefer rice or pasta?: Pasta
ever go into chat rooms?: Only private ones with friends

What is
your homepage?: No homepage now, but many blogs
your favorite old movie?: Too many, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Laura.
the best brand of condoms?: none
your favorite way to eat eggs?: Scrambled, over easy, chopped, omelette
something you learned from your grandparents?: Well, there are some Yiddish words...

Yesterday/Tomorrow?: Tomorrow
Chicken soup/Clam Chowder?: Chicken soup
Radio/CDs?: Radio
Soup/Sandwich?: Sandwich
Word/Excel?: WordPerfect (Yeah, I'm contrary.)

are you close to your grandparents?: Not since they died. I was close to the grandmother I knew.
do you stay in touch with your aunts and uncles?: Not really. There are only a few.
do you tell your significant other everything?: No. Gotta maintain some mystery.
do you and your best friend have inside secrets?: Yes.
is lying unacceptable to you?: No. Not sayng something is okay, tho.

Life is...: a bowl of chocolate ice cream.
I am...: a chocoholic and proud of it!
I am not...: fond of fill-in-the-blank questions.
I want to be...: just what I am.
I wish I could...: retire tomorrow.

love?: married him.
kiss?: Ah, that would be my mother's cousin's then-boyfriend, later hubby, who gave me a Sweet 16 kiss I'll never forget.
sexual experience?: That's no one's business. :)
friend?: Probably A and S.
child?: none

What was your last dream about?: Too complicated to begin to explain. The usual weirdness.
How many letters in your last name?: Guess. ;)
When is the last time you ate too much?: Uh, sometime last week.
When is the last time you ate at a buffet?: Have no idea.
When is the last time you shared a dessert with someone?: Probably in May, at the Outback. My friends and I always get a few desserts to share.

Feeling: sassy

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