Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday Fun Day

It's been a long while since I blogged about chocolate and even longer since I posted links, so since I have the day off and some actual free time, here's a post about both!

These chocolate sculptures are almost too yummy looking to eat! I always knew chocolate was an art form! Link found on The Presurfer, where I also found a link to these Larger than Life objects.

A friend sent me this link for these chocolate-scented stamps released in France.

I love the Statue of Liberty and have 4 photo albums full of post cards of Lady Liberty, some straight forward photos and others surreal spoofs utilizing the statue, so I was glad to see Boing Boing link to a Photoshopping contest for the Statue of Liberty over on Some amazing pics were submitted.

Meanwhile, Neatorama alerts us to this contest for the Ugliest Design award. And yeah, most of them are amazingly ugly, to me, anyway!

I upgraded to Firefox 3.5 and got a nifty extension called Googlepedia. It adds a Wikipedia article to the side of your Google search results. Very cool, very useful.

Feeling: pretty darned good, actually, despite doctors from my hospital visit 8 months ago (!) deciding they want to bill me for services I don't recall receiving. I'm sure the cleaning staff will be billing me soon. ;)

For my US readers: Happy Independence Day! And to you Canadians, Happy Canada Day, belatedly.

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