Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MediaWest*Con Report 2

 Friday, the con officially opened and as I'd mentioned last time dinner was the RRG (Rowdy Restaurant Gang -- there are 6 of us) Party at The Outback.We exchange gifts, celebrating all our birthdays at once, and generally have a fun, loud time. The waitress was great, really getting into the spirit of things, as the Outback wait staff usually does for these "meetings."

Saturday, we went to Grumpy's for breakfast again. Friday, I had the yummy cinnamon French toast, and this time, I had eggs and toast. I spent part of the afternoon shopping at the room dealers, of which there were few this year. I also took pics of the door decorations, which were rather sparse. So we didn't do the Saturday night "hall crawl" as a group because there wasn't enough to warrant it as an activity. Instead, we ate dinner and relaxed.

Sunday, I slept in and played online until the afternoon. I joined J for dinner, then we went to the art auction. The usual fun and hilarity ensued, and rather risque, at that, as usual. Let's just say that some of the art is not rated G or PG, and few (or none) of us are prudes. I won 2 of the little clay critters I'd bid on during the art show (pics later, because they're securely packed for the trip home). After, J, 4 other friends, and I went to a place called Steak and Shake for snacks. I had a Frisco slider (burger with Thousand Island dressing) and a chocolate shake (that could have had been more chocolate-y). But fun was had, which is what really matters.

IMG_4971 IMG_4973

Monday, I spent time with J at her table in the Dealers' Room, then we said our goodbyes, had lunch with another friend at Boston Market, and hit the road. We stayed over in Pennsylvania for the night and got back to J's late afternoon. To make up for the "not a cloud in the sky the entire trip" going out, we had rain all the way back today.

We're already thinking about next year's con.


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