Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Good Day

I'm not healthy yet, but I sure had a nice week. The hamburger and handful of fries from Friday and the slice of cheese from Saturday resulted in no harmful effects on my ailing gut, so that was nice.

Went to the matinee of Paul Taylor Dance Theater. They did 3 dances, one of which was a premiere, called Changes, set to songs sung by The Mamas and Papas. I really enjoyed it. The company has a couple of new faces and a couple who were new last year, but they've all gelled wonderfully, dancing like a fully experienced company. I also had a lovely conversation with a woman by herself sitting next to me. It was a nice, warm day of 60 degrees F. and the light rain couldn't ruin the day.

Meanwhile, I've become addicted to games on Facebook. There are the word games like Scramble (like Boggle) and Scrabble, but also Pet Society (an obsession for me), Dragon Wars (which I can't quite get into), and a Pirate Game (similar set up to Dragon Wars, but I'm having more luck with it). I've even chatted with someone I knew in high school, which has been really nice.

Feeling: Pretty good

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