Sunday, February 22, 2009

Too Much Fail

I can cross another brand off my list of wearable jeans. Levis. I went to the Levis store yesterday. I never could wear them, but with the Gap and Liz Claiborne discontinuing the styles I wear, I was desperate. But no. No high rise. Nothing that fit and had deep enough pockets for my wallet and I really didn't want to try men's jeans. I'm not that desperate yet.

So I went to FAO Schwarz next, which is always fun. They let people take pictures of the toys. I'd wanted to get a 16-inch fashion doll. I know they sell them there, but... oops, they stopped selling the Tonner dolls a few weeks ago. So, I have to go online for that.

I wanted to spend money yesterday. I wanted to help stimulate the economy. But I failed.

Feeling: okay

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