Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Closet Maintenance 101

I am so f'in tired. Only 6 hours between pills does not make for a nice, sound sleep.

So yesterday, I tried on all the pants, jeans, and skirts in my closet. I'd done this 5 months ago. Most things fit, and a couple of skirts were too small but I kept them because I love them. Yesterday, pretty much everything was too big. My new black summer skirt? Too big. My expensive, dressy jeans? My black jeans? Too big. The good news is that the too tight skirts now fit. However, lots of shopping is in my future and I hope I keep the weight off because I'm getting rid of the too-big clothes. And replacements of the winter weight items will likely need to wait til the fall. But I'm down nearly 20 pounds -- and I'd like to take off another 5-7 lbs -- which is super. And I like a good excuse to shop.

Feeling: happy

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