Sunday, December 28, 2008

Stuff That Fell Out of My Brain

Since getting home from the hospital 5 1/2 weeks ago, I've lost 11 pounds. Gee, how did I manage that? you might ask. Me: Well, I got a bacterial infection that gave me colitis. Most effective weight loss program, but I wouldn't recommend it. Still, there's a lot to be said about a cereal, crackers, bread, water, gatorade, and chicken diet. After a while, you really don't feel like eating all that much.

Rearranged a corner of the den to make room for the townhouse dollhouse. Nice and clean looking. Might be able to whip the rest of the den into shape if my energy keeps up. Actually felt mostly human today. Hope it lasts.

Planning to get back to writing or rather, revising my science fiction novel and maybe actually start submitting it. Amazing how one can lose the writing habit.

And amazing how quickly one can regain the FreeCell habit. I'm hovering at 64-65 per cent wins. I want to get to 70-75 per cent. It's become an obsession. Again.

I won't miss 2008. Sure, we had some good times, shared good music, enjoyed some ballgames, went to Maine. Yeah, we laughed and visited friends, but things turned sour, didn't they, 2008? What can I say? The thrill is gone. You're so last year. 2009 is coming over and is looking good.

Feeling: hopeful

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