Monday, November 24, 2008

Some Odds and Ends and the Stuff Between

The combined list of side effects for Cipro and Flagyl is daunting. Cipro contributes the most. Some are things I never thought would be side effects of antibiotics. Among the highlights:
  • Vivid Dreams? Check. Of course, I often have those, but the ones from the past 3 days have been intense. I just wish I could remember them so I could share. But it feels like having a home entertainment center in my brain.
  • Stuffy Nose? Check. Who knew? Not me, not until I read the list, half a day after my nose got stuffed.
  • Metallic Taste? Check. That's the Flagyl.
The only silver lining is that prolonged exposure to the sun should be avoided when you're on Cipro. So, not only is it too cold out to walk around much, when I do, I'm covered except for my face. Mother Nature is helping out with rain tomorrow.

I'm watching Heroes. It's now official. Nathan Petrelli is an idiot.

I've been watching Bones on TNT Mondays after Heroes, because there's not another thing on I want to watch. I hadn't seen it til a couple of weeks ago and am enjoying it.

I wrote a note with a profound thought to blog about, but now can't find it. But I assure you, it was brilliant.

Feeling: Flaky

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