Saturday, November 22, 2008

Link Soup for the Soul

Still having problems really concentrating, which given the dehydration, discomfort, and now, meds and their side effects, I've been mostly playing online. Here are some fun things I've looked at.

This is a cute game: Crazy Go Nuts. Help your squirrel gather nuts by shooting him out of a canon.

Here's a very clever Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom cake from Clever Cake Studio. The rest of the cakes on the site are fun, too. Found on Super Punch, where I also found a link to this neat gallery of Candyland board game versions. I loved Candyland when I was little. Did you play? Go look and see if you recognize the version you played.

Hero Machine, an avatar maker, has a beta version of a new version up.

The sidebar here looks rather empty without the graphics for the fansites and fun thingies (all just links now, if that). I'm not sure I'll bother adding them all back in or just do some remodeling here.

Feeling: a tad better

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