Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Back Home

I'm home. My graphics/site still seem to be online. It's like waiting for the other shoe to drop. I could've asked the webmaster when I saw him this weekend when he's pulling the plug, but somehow, I didn't want to know.

I spent lots of money at the dollhouse miniatures show, but enough of my weekend. Here's a meme I found over on Cat's meme blog.

Have you ever smoked Marlboro cigarettes? No, I've never smoked cigarettes.
Have you ever been in a Stop & Shop? Yes. We got one around here a year or so ago and it's wonderful.

Have you ever been to an A.A. meeting? No, no reason to.

Have you ever been to a professional baseball game? Yes, most recently, the Mets season ender.

Do you have an unusual name for your pet? No. But then, I don't have a pet.

Did you ever meet someone from a local news station? No.

What color do you want your car to be? Our car is black. I chose the color.

If you could change your eye color, what would you change it to? Hazel. That would make my pupils visible.

Do you have a deck on your house? No. But then, I don't have a house. The apartment does have a terrace, however.
Ever heard of the band Traffic? The band from the '60s? The one with Steve Winwood? Sure.

What would you have been named if you were born the opposite sex? A male name that starts with the same letter as my given name. I know what it would've been, but choose not to say here.

What's your grandmother on your dad's side's name? It was... well, that would be telling. If you mean my paternal grandmother, I'm named for her. She died before my parents met.

How about on your mom's side? My maternal grandmother's name uh, changed a few times. I'm not sure of her name in Ukraine, but she used both Doris and Dora after coming to the US.

Do you know what a gopher looks like? Only from pictures.

What's your sibling's middle name? I won't give my own middle name online, so I'm not revealing my sibling's.

Are you passive aggressive? Not really, but I know how if need be.

Does anyone in your family have a mental illness? There are some cases in the extended family.

Does anyone in your family have a disease? Well, everyone who died from something had a disease at one point, except an uncle who died from a car accident. I have a physical condition. Does that count?

Is blueberry your favorite scent? Not by a longshot. My favorite scent is chocolate, followed by vanilla and banana.

Are you jealous of your siblings? No. No reason to be.

Besides your house, where did you sleep last? My friend's apartment. I just got home this afternoon.
Do you know anyone who lives in another country? I have friends in other countries.

Do you know what a crypt keeper is? Lemme think... someone who keeps crypts? Or rather, watches them, I would think. (What an odd question.)

What's the theme song to your favorite t.v. show? The Man from UNCLE theme.

When was your last camping trip? In camp, probably uh, 1969.

Did you ever have light up shoes? No. I don't recall them having them when I was at an age where that would've been cool.

Are you wearing anything that was made in China? Haven't checked lately. I know I have some clothes made in South America and Eastern Europe.

Do your socks match right now? I'm not wearing any now. I have my slippers on.


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