Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Too Damn Hot

The heat and humidity just sucks the energy right out of you. It's hard to stay fully hydrated. It's hard to do anything. Went to the gym, but didn't do my full 40 minutes or my usual speed and incline on the treadmill. Had to sit for a while before going home. I have a long weekend, so I'll try again, maybe Friday when it's supposed to be nicer. Got the A/C working hard, so I feel better now.

And of course, as bedtime nears, I'm starting to perk up. Wonderful. <-- Sarcasm Feeling:

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  1. You're welcome to some of our non stop rain!

  2. LOL. No thanks. We've gotten plenty of the wet stuff. Severe thunderstorm watch for this afternoon and evening here. :)


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