Thursday, June 12, 2008

Women's Stuff

Annual visit with my gyn. I was reminded today how much I prefer morning appointments, when I have decent odds of not waiting more than 15-20 minutes on average past my scheduled appointment time. But alas, my appointment for today was moved from the morning to after noon, and I ended up waiting over an hour to get into the exam room, then another 20 minutes once in it. Which meant I didn't leave til well into rush hour. feh.

At least, all is well, pending the annual PAP test, which all women of sexually active age should have done. The doctor and I also had our now annual discussion of bone health, now that I'm in the menopausal transition stage of my life. Despite a lifetime of drinking milk, and now years of taking calcium, my bone density sucks, because basically, I'm short and small boned. So I developed osteopenia and there's concern I'll develop osteoporosis. My doctor told me about the National Osteoporosis Foundation (I think that's the one, but it's what came up when I Googled and it has useful info, so all looks good) and that there are exercises for healthy bones on the site and other good stuff. I do exercise, but I need to add more weight bearing ones, not just walking. Of course, I need to shake this cold/cough thing first.

And that was basically my day.


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