Friday, June 27, 2008


Sometimes, I compose wonderful posts in my mind while walking to work or on the way home, then forget to post them.

Stupidity sighting: I'm used to seeing people hose down streets in Manhattan instead of sweeping. Yesterday, I saw someone doing it in the rain.

Coolness sighting: Necessity is the mother of invention. It is also the mother of inspiration. During the rain yesterday morning, an umbrella-less young man held his skateboard over his head.

Blogger in Draft ( has wonderful new features. I haven't tried them all yet, but I love the ones I have. Blogger keeps getting better and better.

The guy with the hose was at it again today. No rain, but no dirt on the street by the time I went out to lunch and he was still hosing. I'm starting to wonder if some guys equate water hoses with other longish things that squirt.

I've completed labeling (or tagging, if you prefer) the old posts on this blog. I wasn't as specific (ie, there are plenty of "miscellany" posts) as I am now just so I could get it done. I also noticed that I'm far from clever most of the time when it comes to titles. Even the title of this post is a bit lame.

Working with the public is both a blessing, as when they thank me for all my help, and a challenge, as when, during a telephone call today, after finally figuring out the person on the phone was asking, among other things, for the library's address, which I gave her, she then asked if she could call Monday for the address. Really, you can't make this stuff up. And yes, I'm sure she had a reason for the question, but I'm not going to spend time thinking about it.

I took an online survey earlier this year and was in one demographic and took another one yesterday and was in another. I am now in the "55 and over" demographic. Eek. I need to fill out a survey where there's still more above me. I want to be in "55-62" or some such.


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