Thursday, May 29, 2008

Home Again Home Again

And back to real life. So to speak. Also came home to 1500 unread posts in Bloglines. Yikes. And until Monday, I'd been mostly keeping up. Then I had a scare with the laptop. Seems to have been a problem with the outlet I'd plugged into because it's now working fine at home. Whew.

Saturday, I saw Iron Man. Wonderful. Robert Downey Jr. was excellent. And very sexy. Then dinner with friends, then what we call the Hall Crawl, which means walking through the entire hotel, taking photos of the decorated doors. Then a romp in the pool. We had rubber duckies and other rubber toys, and big water pistols this year. Fun times ensued. There's a nice hot tub there, too. So relaxing.

Sunday, I got in another session in the exercise room, then we had dinner and went to the art show auction. Great fun as always, and I got a YouTube worthy video out of the hijinks. I just need to put the thing together.

We headed out Monday after lunch, staying overnight in Pennsylvania. Today, we did some shopping, then I caught an Amtrak train back to NYC. And I don't have to go back to work til next Tuesday! Which means maybe I'll catch up with some of the stuff that's piled up in my absence. And maybe my sudden allergy attack will subside by then.


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