Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Not-So-Much Joy of New Computers

New PC at work. Running XP. Security on the network was beefed up, so we can't change wallpapers. :(

I wasn't there yesterday when it was set up, so first thing today, I had to have the tech guys unlock my account. Then the beefed up security tells me the macros for our electronic timesheets won't work. Another call to the tech folks. The fix is pending.

They've also cluttered the desktop with close to 2 dozen icons, of which I regularly use 6 tops, and I can't delete them. The network security won't let me. The plain blue desktop is an ugly mess. I ended up locking all the programs I use to the Start menu and once I get into the first program, I plan to not have to look at the desktop for the rest of the day.



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