Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Non-Post Post

I really like leaving work early on Tuesdays and going to the gym. I hope I can keep this up in that I continue to have enough extra time off to schedule for this.

Work continues to impress me with how stressful it can be. Just when I think things have bottomed out, I'm surprised to discover I was wrong.

I'm already tired of election news and we don't have official candidates yet.

I'm already looking forward to Bush's last day in office.

It's almost March. I finally feel as if the new year is about to begin.

With the first Spring Training games about to start, the baseball season is officially underway.

Which is fortunate, because the Islanders seem to think the hockey season is over a few months before it ends.

It's difficult to lose weight when you eat back the calories you've burned off on the treadmill. I'm just saying.

I had some more profound things to say, but now I can't remember them.


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