Friday, February 08, 2008

Giant Cookie

IMG_9655These giant cookies are hard to resist. So far, I've found resistance is definitely, uh, futile. It's well bigger than my hand and I don't eat it in one sitting. Two sittings, actually. The cookies are heavy on brown sugar, nice and crispy, baked dark the way I like 'em, and have the most amazingly chocolicious chips. The things are as close to perfection as chocolate chip cookies get.

I got it, along with a brioche, at Le Pain Quotidien, a French bakery cafe that is springing up all over Manhattan here in NYC. Too often, I find a food place I love only to have it close, so I'm really hoping they're not expanding too quickly and that they do enough business to warrant such investment. Because I want them around for a long time. Not that they're doing my diet any good.

They sell small packages of smaller cookies, but they aren't quite as dark or yummy. I'll stick with the big ones.


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