Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Some Things

Here's a spam subject line for your entertainment. An actual spam mail in my actual spam mailbox: "Make an anaconda out of your trouser snake." Now, doesn't that sound appealing?

I don't love just chocolate when I want a dessert. I also love cinnamon. I had this cinnamon bun with lunch.
Cinamon Bun

Snowed most of the day but it didn't really stick, just to the roofs of cars and on some bushes and such.

Started watching the NBC show "Life" a few weeks ago and got hooked. Now I have to watch the reruns of the episodes I missed so I'll know the ins and outs of the plotline. I wish I'd watched it from the beginning but it didn't sound all that good from the early reviews. I'm glad I was bored one Wednesday night and put it on. It's a pleasant hour of entertainment.

Work was, best said about it is that it ended and tomorrow's another day.


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