Sunday, December 09, 2007

My Day

IMG_7849Spent the afternoon on Saturday updating the links on my website, then hubby and I went to B.B. King's to see Air Supply. I had the fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner and we sat with a very nice couple which helped pass the time until the concert started.

Air Supply gave a great show, as usual, and I took a lot of pictures. I finally got the hang of taking shots indoors, under low light without flash using the new camera. I bump up the ISO, which makes the shots a bit grainy, but they come out fairly well. The hard part is to keep the pictures from being blurry because the guys move around a lot. I got a sufficient number of good pics. I'm just glad I'm using digital and not film. I took approximately 150 pics of the concert, and used a bit more than half, I guess, which are on flickr. See the widget in the sidebar.

And now, bedtime.


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