Thursday, November 15, 2007

Categorically Speaking

I went and added labels to some of the oldest posts on this blog. I'd forgotten how those posts were more serious and longer than what I generally post here now, but that was before I had the other blogs for politics and books and comics. I'm sure I've caused some consternation for those of you reading via feedreaders. At least, I think reposting occurs. I'm not sure. So, if that does happen, I'm sorry.

However, I want to keep going, but it's gonna be slow. Blogger keeps popping me back to the main post screen (ie, the most recent ones) after I add one category to a group of posts and I have to go back to do others or even to add a second label to a post. And I've got 1469 posts (well, 1470 with this one), most of which pre-date the categories/labels feature, so there are a lot to do.

Is this causing problems for anyone? Does anyone think I'm nuts for trying to do this? Anyone care to cheer me on?

I'll be hitting my other blogs, too. Oy vey.


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