Friday, October 05, 2007

Just Some Thoughts

I tried to write a second 100 Things About Me, but I can't keep track of the first 100 and don't want to be redundant.

Today is officially my 26th anniversary with major urban library employer. I guess that would be MULE. Uh, let's just leave that at MUL, 'kay?

Now here's a fashion statement for true "meatheads." Thanks to The Presurfer for the tasty link.

Breakfast for Lunch, a regular occurrence.

Watching the Islanders game. There are so many new players this season, I had to print out the roster. Half the time, I can't tell from the play-by-play which team is doing what. At least, it's keeping my mind of baseball and the Meltdown of the Century.

If I had a spare $25,000 or so, I'd give this auction a try. As a miniatures collector, I'm in deep lust.


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