Friday, July 06, 2007

A Collection to Wear

I collect buttons. The kind with pin backs and slogans or pictures on the front. I don't collect them much, anymore, but for a while, I was obsessed with them, back in my teens and 20s. I got them new and I found fun ones in antique stores. I especially love political buttons and ones related to books and libraries. I'm proud of my Humphrey/Muskie button. I have a couple of shirts I put them on. The things were heavy to wear with all that metal. Mostly, the buttons fill 2 shoeboxes. And at some point, I started getting decals (NASA flight decals) and patches.

IMG_1986The patches come from all over. I started with ones from NASA, then added navy ones my father had, plus some for Star Trek. I added some military patches I found in army/navy stores. I sewed them onto the shirts, pulling off many buttons to fit them on. A friend who also has a bunch and is better with a needle and thread, sewed them onto a denim jacket for me.

Some are from places I've been, like the Griffith Observatory, while others are simply patches I thought were cool looking. There are some I bought to show support for a cause, such as the one for POWs/MIAs from the Vietnam War. And along with the patches, are buttons and pins.

Why this post? I just thought I'd show off the jacket. I don't wear it much, anymore. It just got too heavy. But it's still one of my favorite collections. I should take pics of the shirts, next. I still have those, too.


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