Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Here's a News Flash

You Are Middle Class

You work hard for the money you earn, and you usually live a comfortable (although never extravagant) lifestyle.
You are dedicated to making ends meet. Even if it means taking on a second job.
You have the skills and education to earn decent money, but it never seems like enough.
There's a whole lifestyle and culture that seems out of reach to you.

You may end up: A real estate agent, counselor, or dental hygienist.

Other people who share your class: Working professionals who've excelled in their career fields

No work today. Had gyn appointment, always a treat, not. Had a bone density test and have lost a few percentage points. That's the bad news. The okay news (there isn't really any good in it) is that I'm average for a woman my age. Might need to do more than take extra calcium at some point.

Took photos, went to the gym for first time in a while, got the week's comics, and cleaned a bit when I got home. In other words, a fairly full day.


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