Friday, June 29, 2007

Chocolate Networking

I've been playing around with Ning. I'd joined it last year, but had no idea what to do with it. But apparently, I'd set up a review network. It's nothing like the group I just joined for comics. Color me confused. Anyway, I created a new network for chocolate lovers. Joining Ning is free and I'd love for folks who read this blog to join and share your love of chocolate. Ning allows forums and groups and posting of photos, etc. Anyway, I like it better than frapper which I've pretty much abandoned. I'd joined that for its map feature and it just got away from its origins and became a messy looking site. But Ning looks pretty cool.

So, now I have Cyber Chocolate Network and Lust for Chocolate for reviews. The crazy thing is that I can't figure out how I did the review thing, because I don't see that option now. Oh well, the only way I can learn this stuff is to play with it. So, come on and play with me.


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