Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tale of Two Shellys

Once upon a time, in a Queens, NY elementary school, there were two Shellys in the same class from 2nd through 6th grade, when one of them moved away with her family. Shelly was the nickname for each of them and they became friends and went to the movies together with another friend and fun times were had. But after one Shelly moved, they lost touch with each other and went on with their lives.

Cut to 42 years later and a wonderful site called which helps people find their school chums, but make you pay for the privilege of actually reading messages sent to them by other members. So this Shelly pays the $15 fee for a 3-month membership and messages are read, emails exchanged, and a lunch meeting arranged because, lo and behold, both Shellys still live in NYC.

And today was the lunch, and it was good. We ate at whatever Pizzeria Uno calls itself now and I had sirloin tips with rice and Shelly had a deep dish pizza and we talked and 42 years melted away as we tried to catch up, which isn't easy when you're covering 42 years in 90 minutes. Unlike when I had a reunion with my best friend in high school, after 25 years of no contact but a lot of emotional baggage, this was effortless and comfortable. We still have things in common. We stimulated each others memories. We're gonna do it again. And we both agreed that we haven't changed much. Sure, we look older, but the same pretty much. And how cool is that?

Gonna cross post this in a few of my blogs. Just because.


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