Friday, April 06, 2007

Link a Dink a Do

It's been a while, so without further ado, the return of fun and fascinating links.

This is brilliant. If you're like me and detest people who post online and don't know the proper word or spelling of the proper word, you'll want this, too: captchas to access the internet. Found on someone's LiveJournal.

Does it make me a bad person if I've stopped caring about Indiana Jones 4? Does it make me evil if I'm wondering if the title should be Indiana Jones and the Golden Walker?

Hello Kitty Easter Eggs on Hello Kitty Hell. Or if you prefer, you could make Star Wars paper Easter baskets. Links found on Chaos Theory.

From Grow-a-Brain: A Typeface Identification group on flickr, Museum of Lost Wonder, and Excellent Hiding Places for when you really need to hide uh, something.

Passover link, Naked Gefilte Fish, thanks to The Presurfer.

State Easter Eggs! Who knew? Now we do, thanks to Bill Crider. Pictured is the one for New York. Looking good there, Lady Liberty!

I hope everyone has a happy holiday, whatever you celebrate!


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