Sunday, April 29, 2007

Four-in-One Concert

Hubby, his friend, his friend's wife, and I went to the Northfork Theater at Westbury last night to see the Ventures (one of the better instrumental groups of the '60s); Blood, Sweat, and Tears (minus David Clayton Thomas); Felix Cavaliere's Rascals; and Peter Noone (Herman's Hermits minus the original Hermits other than Peter).

28April2007 108The Ventures were fine, a nice opening act. BST took things down a notch as the lead singer was not up to the job. Felix Cavaliere was great. But the big attraction is always Peter Noone. At 59, Peter is still remarkably energetic. He's also funny. His impressions of Tom Jones and Johnny Cash were great. His rapport with the audience is among the best of the oldies acts we see. A natural performer, Peter was born to be on stage. He's also my childhood music fav, until Mickey Dolenz and the Monkees came along to share that spot. And this time, I have pics. That's Peter pictured above.

After, we went to a diner and I had a late dinner -- a salami and eggs sandwich. Got to bed late and slept in this morning longer than usual. I'm feeling a bit zombie-like right now, but last night was worth it.


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