Friday, March 16, 2007

Quizzed, Iced, and Shoed

Hmmm.... I woulda thought it woulda been higher. Should I be concerned?
Your Worry Factor is 44%

While you're not a worrywart, you worry more than you should.
Maybe you don't have enough to keep your mind occupied at times...
Or perhaps you've trapped yourself into some bad thinking patterns.
Try to worry less and enjoy life more. There's no point thinking about things you can't change!

I guess I'm relieved about this one.
You Communicate Like a Woman

You empathize, talk things out, and express your emotions freely.
You're a good listener, and you're non-judgmental with your advice.
Communication is how you connect with people.
You're always up for a long talk, no matter how difficult the subject matter is.

So we had a snow/sleet/rain/hail storm with lots of icy, slushy snow today. Oh the joy.

I got Crocs! Here are some Crocs and Ducks. The Crocs are super comfy. The ducks are super cute. The Crocs came from Zappos. com. These ducks are from Roger and Dave. The Village Voice is correct that the store caters to a gay crowd, but there are plenty of women and straights of both sexes who shop there for fun cards and toys because it's just a nifty, friendly store.

Crocs and Ducks


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