Sunday, March 04, 2007


4March2007 015Lunch and Paul Taylor Dance Company with a friend. I had the yummy hot chocolate to the left with my grilled mozzarella and bacon sandwich for lunch. There's something really fine about drinking hot chocolate from a tall glass.

Paul Taylor, or PT as we call the company, was wonderful as usual. C and I go every year when they're in NY, in March. This year, they performed without my favorite dancer in the company, Patrick Corbin, who retired. But everyone else was great and there were a couple of new dancers. Everyone performed with energy. The first dance, "Piece Period" hadn't been performed in years and was a delight. "Banquet of Vultures," a war/anti-war piece was dark and powerful but could be even more powerful. The last dance was the always enjoyable and very pretty "Esplanade" which was particularly well done this afternoon. The leaps were amazing.

This is the one bit of real culture I get each year. C and I will be going to the next 2 Sunday matinees. It's a longstanding tradition, over 20 years now and counting.

4March2007 014


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