Thursday, March 01, 2007

Daily Frustrations

At MacDonalds 1
Me: I'll have a 6-piece McNuggets.
McD person (MP): We have 6-piece only with a meal. You can have a 4 piece.
Me: Okay.

At MacDonalds 2 (7 blocks north of #1)
Me: I'll have a 4-piece McNuggets.
MP: We don't have 4-piece McNuggets. You can have a 6-piece.
Me: Fine.

From now on, I'm asking for the smallest McNuggets and letting them figure it out.

I should add that a small hot chocolate at #2 is what # 1 calls a medium. McD's #2 charges the price of a medium hot choc for their "small."

Work has pretty much sucked today. Wish I could blog about it. Well, I can say the elevator, which was just fixed, is broken again. Right now, hell might be a step up, I'm just saying.

And what's with a certain family member who should know how to punctuate. Every email from her is all lowercase. Either she's got a broken shift key (well, 2, cuz there are 2 on a keyboard), has forgotten how to use it, or has decided it's of no real use to bother with. Thanks goodness she hasn't eschewed the mighty period or I'd never know where the sentences end and begin. She knows about this blog, but I don't know if she reads it. If so, uh, Hi. ;)


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