Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Posts from Hell

No quizzes today and I'm too lazy to go find fun links, so I have to write a real post. Work woes continue. Elevator has been out of commission the last few days. Parts are needed. The computers lost their connection to the server again this afternoon for a few minutes.

I also managed to get a nasty papercut while on phone duty at work. Fortunately, I was answering at my desk and had access to Bandaids so I didn't bleed over everything. Damn cut was across the cuticle and wouldn't stop bleeding. It just didn't sound right for me to tell patrons on the phone, "Excuse me while I try to stop my bleeding." So I tried to do that while typing searches for their requests.

It did warm up nicely to the mid-'40s F today which meant a lot of the black/gray snow/slush in Manhattan is melting, along with the whiter, speckled with yellow snow in Queens.

I am now addicted to Rubber Ducks and Designer Toys, to go along with my Action Figure addiction, photos of which can be seen in my flickr stream. I blame eBay.

Otherwise, no excitement.


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