Monday, February 12, 2007

For Your Viewing Pleasure

I don't usually link to YouTube, or any media, actually, but this is a nice bit of library humor disguised as a commercial.

Okay, and this one, too. I hope I got these links right. I'm not used to linking to videos. If I ever had the time, I really want to explore YouTube more. Before they're forced to take all the good stuff down.

Heroes just keeps ratcheting up the excitement and surprises. Damn, I love that show.

One of my favorite bloggers moved to Journalspace: My So-Called Strife. I deleted my sub to it and tried to add the new one, but alas, no feed came up. So, Kirk, if you are reading this, let me know if there's a way to subscribe to your new blog. I am not joining Journalspace. I have enough blogs on enough services, thank you very much. If there's no way, well, I'll miss your fun, kitschy posts.


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