Thursday, January 18, 2007

More America

First, though, here's my dinner of Southern Fried Chicken from Lucille's Grille, served at B.B. King's.
17Jan2007 054

And here's Dewey and Gerry: America.
17Jan2007 072

B.B. King's packs tables together and unless you have a group that can fill all the seats at a table, you share. We were joined by a very nice couple from Denver and had a pleasant conversation with them prior to the start of the concert. There's always the chance you can end up sitting with annoying people, but when you end up with such congenial folks as this couple, it makes for a very nice evening.

I always loved America, but they've definitely moved up into my list of fav performers since hubby and I have started seeing them perform in person. They're not real showy, but they are consummate professionals. Good singers, good musicians, with a nice backup band, with Michael "Woodsy" Woods on guitar and backup vocals is great as is the drummer, Rich Leacox. There's another guitarist, Rich Campbell. They always come across as down to Earth, real folks.

And here's a nice fansite.


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