Saturday, December 30, 2006


Things I Resolve to Continue to Do in 2007
  • Eat Chocolate.
  • Watch a lot of TV
  • Read books and comics and review them for my book and comics blogs respectively.
  • Toil at the day job.
  • Write.
  • Go to the gym whenever I can.
  • Blog. A lot.
  • Try but never catch up with my projects.
  • Listen to music I like.
  • Watch lots of Mets games on TV.
  • Make icons for LiveJournal.
  • Buy shoes and fun socks.

Things I Resolve to Continue to Not Do in 2007
  • Eat things I don't like.
  • Act like a mature adult at all times. ;)
  • Spit on the sidewalk. I just won't do this.
  • Wear short skirts. And believe me, you don't want me to.
  • Wear pink or frilly things.


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