Friday, December 15, 2006

Cereal Personality

My Cereal Personality Is...
Frosted Flakes

You were none other than Tony the Tiger! You were GRRREEEAT! Your cereal-shards were tough to swallow, but coming from a tiger, who wouldn't try them? Only slightly more exciting than corn flakes, your appeal dropped significantly after Lucky Charms added purple horseshoes.

Find Out Your Cereal!
Question 1: What type of cereal did you eat as a kid?
Healthy Cereals
Sugar Cereals

Question 2: Which item best describes your cereal?
Honey, Corn, Wheat, or Oat
Not sure or something else

Question 3: When did you eat cereal?
Only in the morning
Anytime of the day was fine for cereal

Question 4: How many bowls of cereal did you eat?
Only one per day
More than one per day
More than one per meal!

Question 5: How important is cereal to you now?
I don't eat cereal anymore
I wish I ate more cereal than I do
I still eat cereal quite often

That works. Corn Pops and Honey Smacks would've worked fine, too. And definitely Cocoa Krispies. Found the quiz on Miss Cellania.

Holiday luncheon at work. Lots of yummy food and I ate too much. But at least I didn't pig out on dessert, just the chicken and broccoli.


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