Monday, December 18, 2006

Holiday Shopping

Some nifty gifts for the last minute shopper. I have not personally tried these sites, so I don't know if they're reliable. The first 3 were listed in the NY Daily News paper. The rest I found surfing the web. Caveat emptor. Let the buyer beware. If nothing else, these gifts are fun to look at.

Crime Scene Towel, for that hard-to-buy-gifts-for person, at
Perhaps you know someone who would like Play-Doh Cologne. At
Lots of fun stuff at
Gifts to make, from Organized Christmas. Also, here.
Gifts for professionals, from
Make Maxi-Pad Slippers for the special someone.
Spilsbury delivers fun. Or so they claim. The Remote Control Tarantula can liven up any holiday party.
Amazon has some fun items, too. They say these are mostly for kids, but we're all young at heart, right?
Chocolate Fantasies is a bit more, uh, adult.
Who wouldn't want a rubber duck? Rubba Ducks has some very nice ones.
Memorable has many interesting possibilities listed.
How about a personalized gift from Personalized Headlines?
Zodiac Art is another gift link directory.

And finally, Give Presents, Not Offense, a useful article on the ettiquette of office gift-giving from MSNBC and Forbes.


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