Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Slight Improvement

For a day that started without internet at work (Eek!), it improved rather quickly. We had intranet, but no internet, for the first hour. Then all was well and I could get back online to my Pandora station (I was listening to the same Bon Jovi cd for the umpteenth time and second that morning; I knew I should've left the new JJ Cale/Eric Clapton cd at work). I work so much better with music on. And we had heat, too. Plus, I got a lot of work done. I might get caught up from my vacation, after all, except I have a few days off at the beginning of December.

There were no blogworthy but unbloggable patron traumas today, although some of us are still wondering about the woman yesterday who claimed to have suppository issues late in the day.

NCIS aired another typically entertaining episode and House was excellent. The current arc is getting rather intense. David Morse's cop character, Tritter, has been called an "anti-House," but he's more like a mirror version. He might have right on his side, but he's every bit the bully House is. He is not above using, ie hurting others to get to his quarry. He justifies it as necessary because House, who saves far more people than he could ever harm, is a menace in his eyes. So, to hurt House, he hurts his friends and colleagues, to get them to turn on House. That's unethical. Sure, those others aren't perfect, and Wilson has been guilty of being too much a friend and enabler, but the way Tritter has gone after him is evil. David Morse, long one of my favorite actors, is playing him to perfection.

I ended up watching a hockey game after, instead of 3 Lbs because while I enjoyed the first episode last week, I just didn't care enough about those characters to pay a return visit. Not after watching an episode of House, a show that does irascible doctor guys so much better.

In some housekeeping here, I removed the frappr links. I don't like how the site has changed since I started with it. It's confusing with different kinds of maps on an account and two logins if you administer a group or whatever. And no one seemed to be paying much attention to it, anyway, especially me.


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