Monday, October 30, 2006

Vacation Minus One Day

Yup, I've got a week and a half vacation coming off, running from Wednesday through Veterans' Day. I sure need it. It's been a particularly long stretch since my last vacation in May, given our staffing shortages this summer. I'll be visiting my best friend and we'll be attending a miniatures show. I will be spending money, doing my part to help the economy.

Been spending time reading the Blogger Help Group posts the last couple of days as people are getting testy over Blogger's recent problems. Beta Blogger, which I'm on, was not affected. I'm feeling a bit smug about that.

Not much else. It was a "get as much done as possible before vacation" day at work, then dinner out with colleagues (pot roast, yummy potato pancakes, chocolate mousse cake for dessert).


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