Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Things That Fill My Brain

And it's time to let some of them out.

Any meme that starts with: Take your MP3 player/iPod, is one I won't be able to do. I can tell you that Billy Stewart's (whoever he is) "Fat Boy" is currently playing on my Pandora station. It sounds nice.

Memes with too many questions about cars and/or driving are also ones I can't do.

People who find my book review blog and email me offering advanced reading copies or free copies of published books, no doubt so I would favorably review them, shouldn't bother. I've got lots of books to read and buy more all the time. I don't want to be influenced by something sent to me for free, and none of those titles have as yet interested me in any way. However, if someone finds one of my blogs and wants to offer me money to publish my writing in actual print, I'll happily entertain that idea.

"Darling Be Home Soon" by the Lovin' Spoonful is now playing on my Rockin' Variety Pandora station. I always liked that song.

As always, I'm annoyed and bemused at the same time by how inept people who talk on cellphones are when it comes to talking and walking at the same time. They seem to have forgotten basic ettiquette, too, as they shout into their phones so everyone can know their business, and walk too slow, without looking, nearly running me people down, and generally clogging busy lunchtime, Manhattan streets.

I've thought about doing a blog about my socks and shoes. I would call it Sweet Feet. Only the fact that I've got too many blogs already has kept me from doing it.

I've come to realize one can never have enough shoes. Or socks. Or, as it turns out, action figures. But that's another ramble.

I'm mentally preparing myself for the Mets to lose. It's been a fun season and I have no regrets. Winning the League championship would've been nice as would playing and maybe the World Series would be, but when 2 of your 3 reliable starting pitchers go down with injuries before the playoffs start, that's never a good thing.

It's balmy out, our second if brief Indian summer this month.

And finally, dark chocolate M&Ms are quite possibly the most addicting substance in the known universe.


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