Friday, October 06, 2006

In the Cards

Oct06 093This is the new video card to go with the new monitor and new cable and the damn computer, which boots now mostly, still won't acknowledge the monitor. Oh, and the outlet blew when we tried again this morning. Forget the surge protector. The outlet just shorted out. The electricity in this building sucks.

Glad today is over, still have work tomorrow. Gave up plans for tonight to see Air Supply at BB King's cuz I feel like crap. I was all ready to take pics, had my camera, raring to go. But the stress of the computer at home and losing 20 minutes of work at work and other work stress, and I was pretty much a basket case after I got home. But I get a 2-day weekend. Goodie. Finished the last of the yummilicious non-pareils. Not goodie.


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