Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Book Adaptation That Works

Which admittedly, is not saying much since I haven't read the books. I do have the Dexter books by Jeff Lindsay here. They're on the enormous stack of books to be read. But I watched the first episode of the new Showtime series Dexter tonight despite my dislike of reading books after seeing adaptations. If it was just a TV movie, I would've taped it to watch later. But it's a well-reviewed series I didn't want to get behind in watching.

Michael C. Hall, late of Six Feet Under as repressed, gay David Fisher, is brilliant as serial killer/forensics expert for the Miami police who specializes in blood spatter patterns. The rest of the cast excels and it's nice seeing Julie Benz as his troubled girlfriend (she was Darla on Buffy/Angel) and Lauren Velez as a police sergeant (she was a regular on Oz as a prison doctor).


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