Sunday, October 22, 2006

Autumn Concert Night

ConcertsOct2006 018
First on the bill was the Buckinghams. With 4 acts scheduled, time was tight, so there wasn't much talking, just a lot of singing and playing. The usual good show from these guys.

ConcertsOct2006 097
Next up was Rob Grill and the Grass Roots. Again, an excellent show from these guys, playing most of their hits, but Rob's not moving around all that well these days (he had both hips replaced a number of years ago) and he's still telling the same old jokes with a couple of new ones thrown in. He seems to get a bit confused when addressing the audience, as if he forgot where he was.

ConcertsOct2006 104
The Turtles came next and they did a few different things this time. Great show. These guys are a bit nuts, but they're fun and funny and always entertaining.

ConcertsOct2006 215
And Tommy James and the Shondells rounded out the show. He's amazing on stage and really keeps it real. He headed into the audience as usual during "Mony Mony" and shook hands. Hubby and I were among the lucky ones. My second Tommy James handshake!

We left late and traffic was horrible and we're lucky we got there in time. I spent the day watching the MI5 marathon on A&E and wow, talk about intense TV. I'm not really happy with some developments on the show, though. But I can't fault them. It all was riveting television.


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