Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Adventures in Shopping

My dashboard indicates that this will be post 1,111 here. Cool.

I need new sweater tops. I have 3 warm ones that can be worn with cardigan style sweaters over them. Two have stripes and are distinct. I can't really get away with wearing them to work more than once a week. So, I went shopping today, since I was off work (working Saturday). The ones I like had wool in them. The ones that had no wool (which makes me itch no end) were hideous or the wrong style for me. Or the wrong color; I look terrible in most greens.

It's going to be a long winter at this rate. I did get two long corduroy skirts with pockets big enough for my wallet and keys! at Eddie Bauer. So that was something. I will be glad once I retire and won't need to wear skirts or nice pants. Then it will be jeans, jeans, jeans, all the time.

Despite the wind, it was a really nice day. The wind did remind me, however, that having longer hair (it's nearly to my shoulders, the longest it's been in years) means brushing out knots thanks to my hair swirling around. My short hair never knotted up. feh


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