Friday, September 29, 2006

Work, Links, and Some Other Stuff

Feeling a bit better, though my system is still off kilter. I'm hoping Wednesday's nuclear stress test (for some odd reason, I like saying that) shows nothing amiss, but if there is something off, it's best to find out now and take care of it.

More wacky patron interactions over the phone today that I can't blog about. I think what gets to me more than any individual interaction is how wide-ranging they are, from people who are so interesting and cool and even fun to talk to to the ones who make you want to tear your hair out in frustration because they are so uh, let's just say unaware, the "please send me book xyz," then seem taken aback when you want to know their name, then get a bit sheepish when you explain you need to know to whom you should send the book kind of folks. In between are the ones who are just funny in a purely unintentional way, I'm sure. Did I ever mention the woman who called our NYC library from Germany one evening to ask how to connect to the internet? I think that was my favorite surreal phone reference question.

This made me hungry: Miniature edible fast food! Link found on Boing Boing. Also, how to make retractable claws a la Wolverine.


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