Thursday, September 28, 2006

Just Some Stuff

Serenity Tales is a blog for fan comics set in the Serenity/Firefly universe.

The Presurfer uh, points us to AssInTheBox, for, I guess, when you can't moon someone in person. Also: Toothpick Sculptures and 25 Signs You've Sadly Grown Up.

I lost another Bloglines subber. I hope my recent malaise isn't driving folks away. I don't really obsess about this sort of thing anymore -- I'm resigned to never being higher than a damn fish on the ecosystem, for example -- but I can't help but wonder why people stop reading this or any of my other blogs. Not that I would change how I blog.

If stress truly is the problem, and being that I can't change my job situation (We can't afford for me to retire yet), then I have to cut down on some of my so-called leisure-time activities. I suspect that's why I've been reluctant to get into vid sites like uTube. I'm afraid I'd get a bit obsessive about them, further eating up my time as too many interests are forced into combat with each other with me as the battlefield.

Ditto podcasts.


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