Friday, April 21, 2006

Week in Review

♦ How come even when I finish off some projects at work and clean my desk of some tasks, I still feel like I've accomplished nothing?

♦ Did a lot of troubleshooting for the computer system upgrade at work, though, so that's something.

♦ My left foot has been bothering me. I fear a podiatrist might be in my future. feh

♦ Julio Franco of the Mets became the oldest player in the major leagues to hit a home run, and at 47, he's still younger than I am.

♦ Rhetorical question of the moment: Why do I keep taking on new projects when I still have so many other started ones to finish?

♦ I'm not much of a basketball fan, anymore, but I'm sure glad the Knicks don't have to play again til the fall. Talk about losing ugly.

♦ Even if I don't respond to your comments, I read and appreciate them. Thanks.

♦ Cyber Chocolate, however, is still a Flippery Fish in the Ecosystem. I need links to this blog, people. You've been put on notice. :)

♦ Much as I like doing cool things on my blogs, I know the thrill's worn off because I've become lazy. No more adding in the URLs for the smileys I've got stashed on my website to use here. Now, I just type the text, like the point above. *sigh* And yet, the more folks stop by and read, the more readers I want. I'm a lazy, greedy blogger. heh

♦ I'm showing off my ability to code diamond bullets.

Meanwhile, something to keep you entertained til my next scintillating post: chocolate condoms!


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