Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More Mal Photos

AMal 8
Originally uploaded by ShellyS.
More Adventures of Mal photos have been posted.

The chocolate he's enjoying are from Trinidad and are yummy dark chocolate, the way dark chocolate is supposed to be.

It was gorgeous today, a perfect spring day. There was a bit of a problem with a somewhat irrational patron shouting so loud while in the vestibule that I heard him in my office one floor up and at the other end of the building.

And a woman cut in front of me and stepped on my foot and didn't seem to notice. Thank goodness she was wearing sneakers and not spiked heels.

But otherwise, a nice day. I'm even getting comfortable with the new computer system. And I have the next 3 days off (I'm working on Saturday). The Mets won, too, and are now 5-1 for the season. It don't get much better than this. :)


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