Saturday, April 08, 2006

Chocolate Treats

There are few things I'd go out in pouring rain for. Work is one. Chocolate is another.

It was pouring when I left this morning to meet my friend C for a noontime snack at La Maison du Chocolat. We each got one of their hot chocolates and tasted both. One was a bit sweeter than the other, but both were dark and rich. The only downside was that the shop doesn't sell tins of either. We had to content ourselves with individual chocolates. My haul is pictured: dark chocolate squares made from Trinidadian chocolate and chocolate balls with peach flavored mousse-like chocolate inside which we'd gotten to sample first. Those were made special today, so I don't know that they normally have them for sale.

The two hours we spent enjoyng our hot chocolates and chatting were well worth getting wet.

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