Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Random Thoughts Escaping My Head

I hate when something is improved from something I like a lot to something I don't like as much.

Just read that my favorite donut shop, a little hole in the wall, is in a building slated for demolition, along with most of a block, to make way for a large, modern apartment building with shops. I suppose that will be good for my attempts to diet, but why must I lose so many things I love?

I don't watch awards shows, but I am happy with the nominations in the major Academy Awards this year. I wish they wouldn't ruin things by actually picking a winner in each category. All are winners in my book. I even saw a couple of the movies. heh

I'm glad the Islanders played, and won, last night. Hockey sure is good counter-programming for the State of the (Dis)Union speech that would have irritated me no end.

I've been enjoying seeing the results folks have been getting in the superhero quiz. Thanks for letting me know in the comments.

A number of stores have closed in my work neighborhood. This is a thriving retail neighborhood, though that wasn't the case a decade ago. With all the apartment buildings going up, I can't figure if it's declining sales/small recession, ridiculous retail rent increases, or both that's the culprit. It's discouraging, whatever it is. If it's the landlords' way to bring in pricier stores, that's just sad. I wouldn't mind if an Eddie Bauer opened up, but they've been closing some stores, not opening more these days.

I love watching I Spy and Man from UNCLE every Wednesday night on American Life Channel, but I really hate the "old folks" commercials. The life insurance and retirement ones really irk me.

I made the above with the Real Time Contextural Art Generator. Link found on Generator Blog.