Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lazy Blogger, No Biscuit

The title comes from something we used to say on various writers boards: Bad writer, no biscuit. You may substitute cookie or other snack of your choice.

Yes, I've been lazy, relying on quizzes to fill space here. But I have updated some of my other blogs and I'm well into my little photo digitalization project. Working backward, I'm scanning my photos so I can have them in digital format (I'll do the CD backups later) and upload them to flickr. I'll do the ones with family last and those won't go on flickr. It's a lot of work, giving me a real appreciation for the folks who digitalize photos for online library collections. I was inspired to do this when I saw the amount of fading my old color photos from the late-'60s/early-'70s have suffered. I hope to be able to color correct those older ones when I scan them.

I must admit, the project has a nice mindlessness to it. I get into a rhythm and it almost feels like a routine task. Pull, scan, save, upload, return to album. Pull, scan, save, upload, return to album.

I know I forgot to post how wonderful the Stargates and Battlestar Galactica were on Friday night. Medium last night, and NCIS and House were all wonderful as usual. I am also very much enjoying How I Met Your Mother. It's a smart, sassy comedy that is genuinely funny. I like Out of Practice (I think that's the name, but it's been off for so long now while CBS tries out other comedies, that I'm not sure, anymore), too, and miss it. Just having Henry Winkler making me laugh every week (minus these weeks without it) again is a joy.

I had a lot of other bits and pieces of stuff floating around in my head for blogging, but when I sat down to type them or write up a note, they were gone. Ever since I saw this blog lost a Bloglines subscriber, I've been fretting that I've been boring folks. But the participation in the last two quizzes, especially those of you who left your results in the comments which I've loved reading, has reassured me that I'm still entertaining someone.

I thought briefly of tagging this entry "crap," but I'll stick to my more reader-friendly "miscellany."